• Scott Perryman

The COVID-19 Pandemic: An Opportunity for Self-discovery?

With so many of us suffering significant stress from financial loss, restriction from movement, and loss of our favorite past times (for the time being only, hopefully), it seemed like a good time to check in and re-assess whether my time is being well spent in pursuit of my purpose. I signed up for the Simon Sinek's Why Discovery Course. You can find it at The process has been revealing to me and has reminded me why I was drawn to leadership, specifically leadership in healthcare. The recommended process asks you to recruit a "Why Discovery Partner" to help you go deeper into self-discovery of your Why. I appreciate Brett agreeing to partner with me on this and he has been so supportive and patient (patience may not be his go-to normally haha). You can catch our first conversation and find a little insight into the Sinek model of self-discovery via the video link below.

There are many ways we can engage in self-discovery and it is certainly not necessary to enroll in an online course to gain insight about ourselves. It can be as simple as a taking a few quiet moments to be alone and reflect, taking a walk and tackling an answer to a life situation that is challenging you, engaging in meditation, or finding a quiet place for earnest prayer. Regardless of the method you choose, I think you will be amazed at the insight you have about the path to which you are drawn. It's a practice I crave, but one which in which I struggle to engage on a consistent basis. However, the practice of self-reflection and discovery is so important and incredibly rewarding.

Try and find some quiet time this week, no matter how crowded your area of isolation ;), to spend some time in self-reflection. I bet you will be glad you did. 

Have a great week!

- Scott

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