About Scott

Scott's passion is to support peak human performance. He has a 20+ year career at top healthcare institutions, moving them to higher levels of performance with multi-disciplinary teams of experts who complement each other and who receive the necessary coaching to support the achievement of their goals.

In 2019 Scott started a human performance consulting practice named Mental Side of Performance (MSP). MSP provides mental coaching to anyone who wants to improve their performance including athletes, coaches executives, artists, students, and any other types of performers.

Last year Scott also began offering executive coaching through the MSP Leadership Circle where important leadership skills are taught in live sessions, conferences, or online at the MSP Leadership Circle online learning collaborative.


This year MSP was excited to announce a new podcast titled In the Zone Inland Empire which highlights top performers in their professional who also use their skills in the service of others.

What part of your work or life do you want to improve through a renews focus on performance? MSP is ready to customize a toolkit for your specific needs and to support you in achieving your goals. Let's get to work!

"As a mental performance coach, my passion is to support my leaders' and clients' performance."